Poetry in Grand Rapids

The Rapid Growth of Poetry in Grand Rapids, MI

Hello Friends. My name is Marcel “Fable” Price, the Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As your friendly ambassador of poetry in our incredible city, I am going to take you on a tour of the poetry shows that Grand Rapids has to offer.

What better way for those wanting to move or travel here, to truly experience the area nightlife, than to immerse themselves in the perspectives of locals?

What better way to do that, than through poetry?


Creston Vibes – Creston Brewery – 21+ Hosted by: Bri Ross



Creston Brewery is a beautiful, locally-owned establishment with an ambiance that matches the blanket of acceptance you feel when walking in the door. The host of this poetry open mic is a poet herself, which is a MUST, in my opinion, for shows welcoming writers to their stage.


If you are looking for a relaxing vibe, with great locally brewed beers, and an awesome, historic location this show is for you!



The Drunken Retort – Stella’s Lounge – 21+ Hosted by: Rachel Gleason, G Foster II, and Fable the Poet



The Retort is a big city poetry showcase housed in smaller mid-western walls (that rivals some of the country’s largest showcases) with bi-monthly features from some of the country’s premiere poets. This show has “boo bells” that work like a gong show, empowering the audience to be in control.


This is NOT your grandfather’s poetry show!




Kava Kasa Open Mic – All Ages – (Every First Tuesday) – Hosted by: G.R.A.S.S. (Grand Rapids Autonomous Support System)



If I were to use one word to describe this show, it would be, community. This show starts with open dialogue and conversation; ending with an uplifting open mic featuring area poets and singer/songwriters.


This show is hosted by a network of individuals who truly care about improving the world around them.


Electric Poetry on WYCE – 88.1 WYCE – 10:15pm – All Ages – Hosted by: KT Herr



Electric Poetry is one of the longest running outlets for poetry in Grand Rapids. Hosted by people with an incredibly diverse taste for poetry, you will hear some of the areas brightest stars as well as traveling poets.


This show is broadcasted on one of West Michigan’s most popular community radio station, 88.1 WYCE. You can attend this show from the comfort of your own couch or car!

Just tune in, and enjoy the ride.



Smokin’ Spoken Word – Eastown Hookah Lounge – 18+ Hosted by: Tone



Smokin’ Spoken Word is the longest running poetry show in West Michigan (13+ years). This show has influenced much of the local poetry scene here in Grand Rapids and has a laid back, energetic environment.

This show is perfect for those that might want to do a little smokin’ before they’re spoken…



All Access Open Mic – Mayan Buzz Café – All Ages – Hosted by: Wayne Bowerman



All Access open mic is one of the few all-ages shows in Grand Rapids. One of the reasons this show is even more unique is because of the demand for area events that do not feature alcohol. The host of this show is incredibly inclusive and inviting and when attending, you will be blown away by how talented the youth are in our city.


Some of the best coffee in the city, and the only thing better than the bagels –

Is the art you will hear on a Thursday Night.



First Fridays – LINC – All Ages – Hosted by Lakiya



First Fridays at LINC is a platform for business professionals and artists to network, learn, and get involved in their community.

LINC is a hub of community activity, making it the perfect spot to hear about upcoming events, get valuable resources, and do your part to make your community the best place it can be.

This show features poets, live music, and visual art.


This is for those who want to see what’s brewing in our city besides the hops.


Not shown:

GLCL (Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters) Writers Showcases



Poetry Open Mic at Story Café




Events are constantly starting and stopping in this city, but as of now there has never been so much poetry reaching across our city, and it continues to spread like wild fire.

Please, check out a show, share a status, and help spread the word so that these beautiful vibrant pockets continue to flourish.


Until next time,

-Fable The Poet Laureate


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